The Antarctic Biennale is an international socio-cultural phenomenon that uses artistic, scientific, and philosophic methodologies to address shared spaces such as Antarctica, the Ocean, and Outer Space.

The expedition on the research ships will culminate in these inspiring interdisciplinary activities. The ship will become a vehicle for the generation of art and ideas, a travelling platform for dialogue between artists, researchers, and thinkers.

The Antarctic Biennale does not start or end with the expedition on March 27, 2017. This is a biennale «in process», constantly building space for productive cooperation and creation of meaning.


The concept for the Antarctic Biennale was first proposed by Russian artist, sailor, and philosopher Alexander Ponomarev in 2011. Alexander has conducted several expeditions to Antarctica and organized a number of international artistic events on the continent.

In 2014, as Commissioner, Ponomarev established the Venice Biennale’s first ever supranational pavilion — the Antarctic Pavilion — as an international interface of the Antarctica Biennale (with the support of the AVC Charity Foundation).

Alexander Ponomarev and Nadim Samman (who curated the first exhibition in the Antarctic Pavilion) were included in the 2014 list of ’The 100 Leading Global Thinkers’ (Foreign Policy Magazine, USA) for their work on the Pavilion and Biennale.

Commissioner Statement

Multidisciplinary artist;
nautical engineer and experienced submariner;
Officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France;
Member of the Russian Academy of Art, and Global Thinker (so named by Foreign Policy magazine)

Our aim is to design a platform for intercultural and transdisciplinary dialogue about the future of ’shared spaces’, do a unique artistic research into the sites on the edge of human experience, and create the foundation for effective communication in such spaces. Being at the heart of the process, only art can take on such a uniting function, since only art has escaped losing the ability to grasp the world as a whole!


Veronika Gimenez

Director of the Antarctic Biennale. Deputy Director General for Marketing at IT Company CROC

Alena Ivanova-Johanson

Art-director of the Antarctic Biennale. Previously a geneticist, now a successful artist and producer.

Nadim Samman

Coordinator of the Artistic Advisory Board, curator of the video program onboard the Antarctic Biennale. Co-Director of Import Projects (Berlin).

Richard F. Taittinger

France, USA Representative of the Antarctic Biennale. Owner of the Richard Taittinger Gallery, NY

John Blaffer Royall

USA Representative of the Antarctic Biennale. Holds a number of board level positions at The New Harmony Artist Guild, International House, The Blaffer Museum, R.L. Blaffer Foundation.

Tatiana Kourochkina

Spain Representative of The Antarctic Biennale. Art manager and co-founder of the Quo Artis Art & Science non-profit foundation

Pavel Luksha

Head of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Antarctic Biennale. Professor at the Skolkovo School of Management

Nikolay Kanavin

Curator of exhibition projects; director of ProLab, Mosfilm Gallery ArtPlatform, and ArtPoint 21 visual communications agency

Alexey Kozyr

Curator of exhibition projects; director of ProLab, Mosfilm Gallery ArtPlatform, and ArtPoint 21 visual communications agency

Alexey Sokov

PhD in Geography, deputy director of the Institute of Oceanology (Russian Academy of Sciences) for Expeditions and Fleet.

Alexander Gimenez

Venezuela Representative of the Antarctic Biennale. Professional sportsman

Board of Trustees

Anna Somers Cocks

Chair of the Board Founder & CEO of the Art Newspaper Group

Alfred Pacquement

Art historian, ex-director of The Pompidou Centre

Andrey Cheglakov

Collector, philanthropist, scientist, entrepreneur. President of AVC Charity foundation

Boris Bobrovnikov

Director General, Founder and owner of CROC

Daniel Sigaud

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, collector

Dmitry Zograf

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, scientist

Francesca von Habsburg-Lothringen

Art collector, owner of art foundation Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (T-BA21)

Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin

Art collectors, Honorary Consuls of Russia and Kazakhstan in Monaco, founders of the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation

Ekaterina Anisimova

Philanthropist, social activist

Inna Bazhenova

Collector & Patron of the Arts. Owner of The Art Newspaper

Leonid Strunin

Owner of the Auction House Phillips

Leonid Friedland

Owner of the Auction House Phillips

Marina Abramovic

Performance artist, founder of Marina Abramoviс Institute

Marina Loshak

Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Nicolas Iljine

Advisor to the General Director of the State Hermitage Museum, culture consultant

Roman Trotsenko

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, collector

Sam Keller

Director of the Foundation Beyeler

Vanessa Branson

Collector & Patron of the Arts. Founding President of the Marrakech Biennale

Artistic Advisory Board

Alexander Ponomarev

Commissioner of the Antarctic Biennale, artist

Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Artistic Director at the Serpentine Galleries, UK

Hani Rashid

Architect, Co-founder of Asymptote Architecture, USA

Defne Ayas

Director and Curator of the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, Holland

Sam Keller

Director of the Foundation Beyeler, Switzerland

Sheikha Hoor Al-Qasimi

Practicing artist, president and director of the Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE

Nadim Samman

Coordinator of the Artistic Advisory Board, Co-director of Import Projects, Germany


Anna Shvets

Producer of the 1st Antarctic Biennale
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Oxana Salihova

Partners Relations for the 1st Antarctic Biennale
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Alexandra Kulik

International Coordinator of the 1st Antarctic Biennale
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Alexander Grigoriev

Account Manager of the 1st Antarctic Biennale
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